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My name is Jimmy M  I made this web by myself. It is dedicated to art. Please send me some of your art work so I can publish it on my page. If you are interested tell me at my email I am the grandson of Sandy Woods of . Thanks much!!!
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On this website you find, what I am so proud of, the CSW Cyber Kids Art Show. I hope you will enjoy it.

The Art Mania is a complete artist community for children. The CSW Cyber Kid's Show has a newsletter for children and also there will be interviews with some of the children. You will find a very nice space invaders type game there also. Hope you enjoy it.  I will be featuring an artist here every month or so. Please come play on the paint palette. The paint palette is an image map just click where you want to go and come back often.

For those of you who can't use the image map please feel free to use the jump to menu.



Please visit my guestbook and let me know you were here. I am very new at this and would love your input

You are the   to visit this kids art stuff!

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